CEFLA Flat-Line Coater


The Cefla Prima is an automated spraying system used for both solvent and water-based products with 4 Kremlin spray heads.  This machine is capable of spraying both pigmented and clear coatings on panels up to 52” wide.  The panel thickness can vary from ¼” to 3” thick and the sprayed coating will cover the top and the edges of the panel without getting overspray on the backside of the panel.  The Cefla will run at speeds of 1-4 meters per minute for different mils (thickness of product) on finishes.  R. Gleason has added 6’ rolling tables to accommodate the large panels and a suction cup handler to pick up sheets to avoid any burnishing.  In addition, we have fabricated heavy duty racks to accommodate both large and small pieces.

With the addition of this machine, we have perfected our throughput by stacking wet product onto vertical carts and move it seamlessly into the flash off chamber and then into the batch oven to quickly cure the product. 

This automated machine creates efficient production and produces beautiful consistent finishes.